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Birding La Mancha, S.L. is a young and dynamic company formed by a group of environmental sciences and restoration professionals, with the main objective of education through environmental awareness as well as the transmission of the uses and customs of a land full of nuances to which we love deeply. Our history and our roots are based on this land of quixotes and giants.

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Ornithologists with more than 20 years of experience offer visitors a different way to know this area, one of the most biodiverse places in Europe, enjoying interpreted ornithological visits that will catch the attention of not only avid birders but also any visitors who enjoy outdoors.

Through this activity, the visitors can observe many species of birds like Bustards, Cranes, Imperial Eagles, Black Vultures, Montagu's Harrier, Pale Harrier, Bitterns, fighters, Plovers, and many other species. In this trip visitors will get to experience architecture, culture and gastronomy. Once in a lifetime experience, this trip awaits you to awaken your senses. We are waiting for you.

Schedules: Arranged departures from 2 hours to several days.
Groups: from 1 to 14 people maximum.

Exhibition of Birds of Prey Consuegra Castle

In a 10th century fortress, one of the best-preserved castles in Spain, we could not have thought of a better destination to locate our exhibition of birds of prey. Many associations, clubs, educational centres have already had the good fortune to meet the wonderful and spectacular birds that form a part of our environmental education and awareness team.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Consuegra Town Hall, we have managed to close the circle. We have created an activity that unites history, culture and nature, to discover to the visitors of the Castle of Consuegra key details to understand the Middle Ages, and the environmental heritage of the mosaic of ecosystems that form La Mancha.

In a fun and entertaining way, we introduce ourselves into the world of birds of prey and open our minds to new sensations, as we like to say, so that learning is fun, we need a teaspoon of seduction.

A perfect recipe:
Seduce to Educate / Educate to Know / Knowing to Protect

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, passes 11:30 12:30 13:00 17:30 and 18:00, Wednesday and Friday afternoon: Closed

Maximum capacity: 50 people/pass

Price: 5€/person Includes Interpreted Visit to the Exhibition of Birds of Prey and Free Visit to the Castle of Consuegra.

The activity, when carried out outdoors, will be able to be suspended when the climatic conditions are adverse (moderate or heavy rain, strong wind, etc...).

Flight of birds of prey exhibition

An activity that completes our tour in the Castle of Consuegra, being able to enjoy the majestic flight of the Raptors, that you have previously seen in the exhibition, being able to witness first-hand, the different qualities of the flight of the kings of the wind.

-Timetable for working days: 1 exhibition by prior arrangement.

-Weekends and public holidays: 1 exhibition per day. For a minimum of 25 people.

Single pass at 10:30 in the morning.

Maximum capacity: 50 people/minimum pass 25 people/pass.

Price: 7€/person.

Adverse climatic conditions could hinder the smooth running of this activity. (moderate or heavy rain, strong wind, etc.).

Walking among eagles

With this activity, we propose to the visitor in a small group, to go out for a walk on the hill of La Muela next to our falconers, the birds will fly around them or can land on their fists. In this relaxed atmosphere, the visitors can interact on a personal level with our raptors and the falconers. The visit ends in the town square or in the promenade with the open terraces where we will have refreshing drinks to quench our thirst, after the walk.

Price: 12€/Pax VAT included. For a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10

Timetable: Saturdays and Sundays (previously arranged activity).

The activity, when carried out outdoors, will be able to be suspended when the climatic conditions are adverse (moderate or heavy rain, strong wind, etc...).

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